Electronic stamp – solution to the problem of counterfeiting

The problem of counterfeiting is not only a headache for agencies but also a great threat to the prestige of businesses when the counterfeit goods are widely spread with the brand of large brands.

Recognizing that risk, many businesses are now beginning to seek solutions to affirm the prestige of the brand and ensure consumer rights.

Electronic stamp – the best solution against counterfeit

With a reputation for protecting their brand reputation, businesses are nowhere near passive in their efforts to find solutions to their counterfeit market presence. In particular, the use of anti-counterfeit stamps is becoming the preferred solution.

According to Phung Van Cuong, Representative of Viettel Corporation, there are many kinds of anti-counterfeit stamps from different materials on the market. The most popular types are: anti-counterfeit anti-counterfeit technology, anti-counterfeiting technology counterfeit technology, anti-counterfeiting technology luminous technology (when illuminating ultraviolet light), anti-counterfeit hologram 3DF 3D technology, anti-counterfeit Barcode 2D, anti-counterfeit QR code 3D.

In particular, electronic stamps today are the solution most chosen by businesses because of the anti-counterfeiting value is appreciated. Electronic stamps are applied digitally and SMS system. On each anti-counterfeit electronic SMS stamp is coated with a scratch-resistant coating like a phone-charging card. When the user buys the product, scrape for the security code, then compose the syntax according to the instructions printed on the stamp and send it to the operator, immediately, the consumer will receive the message returned with content Authentic origin of the product.

Viettel Esafe – the product trusted by Vietnamese enterprises

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung, Director of Tram Han One Member Limited Company, specializing in distribution of HPRO water purifier, said that she felt distinctly different from one of the enterprises aware of the optimum of electronic stamp solution. Especially when using electronic stamps: “Electronic stamp brings peace of mind to our customers and contributes to the prestige of Tram Han. Customers began to make comparisons between the quality of products distributed by Tram Han and similar products on the market as we deployed counterfeit electronic stamps for our products. “